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What’s Great About a Traditional Fisherman’s Jumper?

The fisherman jumper originated from the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland. The fisherman’s rib pattern makes a fabric with a ribbed appearance which has more depth and softness than a standard rib and makes for its distinctive design. The fisherman’s rib stitch is a reversible pattern which is what creates a great chunky knitted jumper for men. 

Thick woolly jumpers were created by fishermen’s wives and girlfriends to keep men warm at sea whist they were left at shore. Knitting was seen as a communal activity between women and something that has passed down through history. A wet sweater can be very heavy to wear and so the women used rough wool that still had the lanolin coating on it to create a water and windproof woolly jumper. This men’s thick wool jumper remains a favourite today because they are warm, robust, and durable.  

fisherman jumper mens

Fishermans Jumper mens

fisherman cardigan mens

Fishermans Cardigan

Tattersall Shirts

Tattersall Shirt

The traditional fishermans jumper design had a raglan sleeve for optimal comfort and weight distribution across the shoulders. Today a fisherman’s jumper may well not be worn in such perilous conditions but is still a great garment to wear on long winter walks, days out or when working outside This is an all-round favourite with history running through its fibres which will keep you warm no matter the weather. 

James Meade fisherman's knit sweater available in a choice of traditional colours with the traditional raglan sleeve and co-ordinating suede shoulder and elbow patches which makes them both practical and smart. If you are looking for a thick wool jumper, why not select a fishermans jumper mens from James Meade. 

Also available from James Meade are the men’s fisherman cardigans, again knitted in the traditional rib design with mock suede shoulder and elbow patches. These cardigans fasten using mock leather football buttons which adds to the garments traditional appeal. They are often worn with the men’s cotton and wool Tattersall check shirts for even greater warmth. 

Both the fisherman’s cardigan and fisherman jumper mens are knitted from pure wool here in the UK meaning that they are a produced using a natural fibre which not only looks good on you but is also good for the environment.

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Finally, here at James Meade, we offer no time limit product guarantee, exclusive designs and free UK returns. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please return it for an exchange or immediate refund in full.

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