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From Field to Fashion: Mens Country Clothing

A History of Country Clothing for Men

From humble origins, country clothing was created by farmers, for farmers. Each piece of clothing that was curated as part of the country style was once picked for its endurance and versatility, to help farmers endure the varied weather and landscapes in the UK.

Traditional Menswear

Get the Country Gentlemen Look With These Essential Pieces of Country Clothing

Tweed Caps

No gentlemen's outdoor look would be truly complete without a touch of tweed. This hardwearing fabric makes for great hats. The flat cap style both protects from the sun and sits snugly on your head without being blown off and is still worn and loved by farmers today. 

Tweed as a textile has a fascinating history and has cemented itself as a crown jewel in Scottish culture. 

Did you know its name was a mistake? A merchant label was misread in 1826 in Hawick, confusing the wool tweel with the nearby river of the tweed! The longest-standing item of country clothing is the tweed cap.

Men's Caps

Field Coats

Up on the moors and fells, the weather quickly changes. Field coats are hardy and shield you from the wind and rain, traditionally waxed to make them water-resistant. Modern-day coats come with a water-resistant outer to provide the same effect. They are also fully lined to keep you warm against the frigid winds. A good field coat should have plenty of pockets to equip you with everything you need for a day outdoors.

Field Coats

Sturdy Knitwear.

Countrymen adorn a wide range of smart knitwear in the colder weather, including Aran Jumpers, Fisherman Jumpers, & Shetland Wool Jumpers. All of these jumpers are made with hardy sheep wool, already familiar with the environments the countrymen work in. Wool is a must for farmers as it is temperature-regulating and easy to clean off dirt. 

Interested to learn more about the country gentleman jumper? We have just the blog for you!

Sturdy Knitwear

Tattersall Shirts

The Iconic check of a tattersall shirt is a familiar sight in the countryside. Did you know that the pattern was originally worn by show horses?

Read more about the fascinating history of Tattersall Shirts here!

Durable and stylish this shirt quickly became a favourite of the agriculture world, and has remained a staple of their style diet.

Men's Shirts

Moleskin Trousers

Water-resistant and comfy to wear, moleskin trousers have you covered. Their water-resistant nature protects you from the threat of rain, is still breathable and prevents you from overheating, unlike some modern alternatives. Moleskin trousers can last you a lifetime when cared for right. To care for them, wash them in cold water, and hang them up to dry. The weight of them prevents the fabric from shrinking and warping.

Moleskin Trousers

Walking Boots

A more recent evolution of country clothing has seen people trading out their wellies for the good ol’ walking boot. Walking boots provide more foot and ankle support than your traditional Wellington boot. Made so that you can walk and explore the countryside, with shock-absorbing soles, and leather finishes to allow the cleaning of mud much easier.

Men's Footwear

Style Inspiration for Country Clothing

Our royal family is well known for embodying the British clothing style in the eye of the media. Princess Anne has also recently been named ‘the chicest woman in the world’, her style has even inspired Fendi for their Spring/Summer 24 Catwalk. Princess Anne is known to re-wear her outfits and is often practical over ‘pretty’ when it comes to her style, so it's no surprise she is the icon of British country clothing. 

If you want more style inspiration look no further than your local farmers and countrymen, these styles are still worn day in and day out due to their reliability and longevity.

Men's Footwear

Our Dedication to Preserving British Heritage

James Meade is British-based and British-designed. We pull our inspiration from the vast and varied landscapes and weather patterns we call home in the lake district. To celebrate the social fabric of British tailoring is something we take immense pride in, each fisherman jumper we knit and tattersall shirt we sew, we hope to share the rich tapestry that makes up country clothing.

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