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A Royal Style Guide | Regal Fashion Inspirations

When looking for a style icon, the ladies in our royal family are a great source of inspiration. They are frequently in the public eye at various events and are the source of great styling suggestions.

Queen Camilla

Her Majesty has a fabulous arsenal of clothes, her styling is brilliantly curated, and she knows what works well. We see her most often in her iconic shades of blue. She primarily opts for a cooler colour palette, including blues, purples, soft pinks, and neutrals. When it comes to her silhouette, she is more fitted in the shoulders, and her garments become free-flowing as they go over her waist and hips. 

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Styling Inspiration from Queen Camilla

Wear what you love. Her Majesty has a set aesthetic that she knows works well for her. If you have a favourite colour or clothing type, make this the focal point of your wardrobe and expand your style with this in mind. Her majesty is fond of her blue dresses, and we see variations of these throughout her wardrobe. The strong sense of theme she has been pulling off has now become her signature trademark look.

Ladies Dresses

Princess Catharine

We have had the privilege to watch Kate Middleton's style develop as she grew into the senior royal we see today. Her style is very pragmatic, she is willing to try all sorts of new styles and push boundaries whilst respecting the royal style guidelines. Princess Kate will try many silhouettes and colour palettes. She truly is an icon of modern royalty and fashion. 

A big part of her style is how considerate she is with her hair. She is aware that it is a key point of any outfit.

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Styling Inspiration from Princess Catharine

Attention to detail is key, it’s the little things that can pull an outfit together. Be willing to play and experiment - the joys of watching Princess Kate have been seeing all the different styles she has experimented with. 

You’ll know what is right for you as you try new things out, and this will help you refine and polish your sense of style.

Ladies Two Piece Outfits

Princess Anne

The embodiment of clothing confidence, Princess Anne has a set but varied wardrobe with iconic looks that she's not afraid to re-wear. Recently named the chicest woman in the world she was honoured at the Fendi Spring/Summer Catwalk for her iconic tastes. 

Frequently seen dressing in durable trousers and a smart jacket, Princess Anne opts for a more practical look as she often needs something a little more hard-wearing for her love of horse riding.

Ladies Two Piece Outfits

Styling Inspiration from Princess Anne

Princess Anne, makes her clothes work for her, rather than focusing solely on style. This is an important lesson to learn, for when picking your outfit for the day think about what you will be doing and if it will best serve that purpose. 

Keep a hold of your clothes, some of the pieces we see Princess Anne re-wear are over 20 years old. If you love a garment, keep a hold of it, you never know when you may want to wear it again!

Ladies Two Piece Outfits

Royal Styling Inspiration

The most important styling inspiration to take from the royal family is to invest in quality pieces that will last. Recycle and repurpose clothes if you feel they don't fit the bill anymore. 

A treasured wardrobe piece should be of a quality that you can pass down to your loved ones. 

Recently in royal engagements, we have seen Her Majesty wearing some of the late Queen Elizabeth's favourite jewellery pieces, both in ways we saw on the late queen and unique to Queen Camilla.

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